I switched from Blogger to WordPress (not that anyone will notice)

So, I have been posting stuff on Blogger for several years.  Not to many posts and not too much of a following.  In fact, no following would be the most realistic description.  Getting noticed had never been my goal but if someone wanted to read what I have to say, I was hoping they would be able to do it unhindered.

Recently, I did a post on my new All City Space Horse.  It seemed to be getting some traffic.  When I went to look at the post, I noticed that this goofy pop-up add thingy would come up every time.  No matter what I clicked on (the red X, the cancel, the OK), I would get pulled to a seperate page about generating add revenue.

I tried this on several different computers and got the same thing each time.  My only conclusion was that anyone else trying to read my post was also getting this annoying pop-up which makes it impossible to actually read the post.

Well, that is no good.  Stupid, in fact.

So, I’m switching over to Word Press.  Is it better?  Not sure, but I will find out.


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